Why is palliative care good for patients with dementia in Los Angeles

Dementia is an illness that threatens to end a person’s life, but no one can tell when that’ll happen. People with dementia lose the ability to think, remember, and live their life on their own. It’s a life-limiting disease that requires external help to manage the symptoms and pain. Palliative care in Los Angeles can help dementia patients manage the following symptoms:

●        Sleeping more.

●        Becoming less mobile.

●        Becoming more frail.

●        Requiring urgent medical treatment.

●        Having trouble swallowing food and drinks.

●        Becoming prone to falls and infections.

●        Talking less.

Although the signs of dementia start affecting a person from earlier stages, people in the final stages have a weaker immune system.

How Does Palliative Care Help Dementia Patients?

Palliative care in Los Angeles provides much-needed comfort to dementia patients who need physical and mental comfort to deal with their condition. As life slips away, they are helped by a palliative care team who want to minimize the suffering of their patient and their family members.

They help the hospice patients deal with the pain and symptoms of dementia by guiding them spiritually, mentally, and physically. While medical care will assist dementia patients in relieving their physical symptoms, palliative care takes it further by improving their quality of life. Specialized benefits reserved for dementia patients can include:

●        Setting goals.

●        Drafting an advanced care plan.

●        Comprehensive assessment by an RN.

●        Management of medication.

●        Social workers.

●        Hospice aides.

●        Spiritual counsellors.

●        Certified palliative care nurses and hospice care staff.