Who Pays for Palliative Care in Los Angeles and Other California Regions?

Palliative care is a necessary form of treatment for patients living with a serious, chronic, or life-limiting illness. It can help a patient manage the stress associated with being ill, ensure comfort, and relieve their symptoms.

Palliative care involves several different elements that come together holistically to offer comfort to patients. As every patient has a different diagnosis and needs, the palliative care they receive can vary greatly from other patients’ care plans. Similarly, the costs associated with palliative care can vary greatly from patient to patient. Some hospice patients try to avoid specific treatments and care options because they are unsure if they will have to pay for those expensive medical treatments on their own. Here is a brief overview of payment regarding palliative care services and how patients can opt for treatments without any worries.

Who Pays for Palliative Care Services?

Private Healthcare Insurance

One of the most common ways patients pay for palliative care costs is by relying on their private healthcare provider. This medical care is covered wholly or partially by a private health insurance plan chosen by the patient. The coverage is similar to that of other medical or hospital services, as you may have to copay for it. Over the years, more and more healthcare insurance providers have begun to offer home-based and community-based palliative care as a benefit to insurance holders.

Medicare and Medicaid

Government insurance options like Medicare and Medicaid also offer palliative care coverage to patients; however, they consider palliative care under hospice care. Since these coverage programs are different for every state, palliative care and their level of coverage vary accordingly. You can request the help of a palliative care team member to assist you with understanding your options.