What Is a Palliative Care Nurse and How Can They Help Patients in Los Angeles?

Nurses are a vital part of the healthcare industry and provide medical care and support to patients. In healthcare, certified nurses providing end-of-life care to seriously ill patients are called palliative care nurses.

Who Is a Palliative Care Nurse?

A palliative care nurse is a certified medical professional who can provide healthcare services and support to seriously or terminally ill patients. They may work in a hospital and hospice setting or may even travel to the patient’s home to offer care. Palliative care nurses help patients manage their symptoms better and relieve their suffering by evaluating and meeting their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. They also offer support to the patient’s family and provide help with symptom management and educational resources.

How Does a Palliative Care Nurse Help Patients?

Offer Basic Medical Care

Nurses check and record a patient’s vital signs, help them maintain hygiene, assist them with daily activities, and report details to the patient’s primary care provider.

Provide Comfort to Patients

Palliative care nurses are a source of professional comfort to patients and their families. They listen to the patient’s concerns, explain their condition and symptoms to the primary care provider, and relay information between the patient and their family.

Uphold Medical Ethics and Laws

Palliative care nurses are supposed to follow all medical regulations and the code of medical ethics. The code ensures that these medical professionals provide an empathetic environment for the patient’s treatment.

Counsel Patients

Palliative care nurses can help patients manage overwhelming emotions at the different stages of the disease and offer support to their families. They provide spiritual, physical, and psychological help to the patient and help with processing their emotions.