The Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening in Hospice Care Los Angeles

Gardening is generally therapeutic for people suffering from stress and anxiety. For hospice care in Los Angeles, It proves rather beneficial because it helps the purpose of hospice by introducing palliative care patients to a greener environment. Hospice Los Angeles patients do not have to spend hours gardening every day, but just a few minutes can increase their happiness and sense of wellbeing.

Therapeutic Benefits of Gardening for Hospice

Research shows that spending time in nature increases feelings of peacefulness and contentment. Hospice patients are in need of an atmosphere that lifts their mood and helps them live a life free of depression and stress. Gardening can help them lead such a life. The following are some of the benefits of gardening in hospice care Los Angeles.

Better Health

Gardening not only reduces stress and anxiety levels in patients, their families, and caregivers. It also helps maintain blood pressure levels and heart rate. Apart from that, people also gain the benefit of being exposed to Vitamin D. It helps increase serotonin levels and make people happy.

Keeping Busy

It’s an activity that makes people invest physically as well as mentally. When they keep their hands and minds busy, it gives hospice patients relief from the grief they feel every day.

Learning Life Lessons

Gardening helps people learn life lessons from nature, such as patience, slowing down, and the power of nurturing. The biggest thing that makes gardening the best activity is that it presents the cycle of life and death in front of hospice patients. This helps them cope with it.

Increasing Confidence

Hospice patients are often depressed because they are not living life like millions of people out there, but gardening helps them feel that they’ve contributed to something important. It increases their confidence and self-esteem to the point that they feel less depressed.