From protein-packed dishes and anti-inflammatory smoothies, to dairy-free snacks and vegan-friendly desserts, healthy recipes in one convenient location. Our recipe index is updated on a weekly basis.

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

Chewy, delicious, and sin-free, these cookies are gluten-free and ready to eat in 25 minutes.

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Slow-cooker chicken stew

Packed with flavorful protein and healthy veggies, this chicken stew is a low-calorie easy dinner recipe the whole family will love.

Paleo sweet potato breakfast hash

Yukon potatoes, hot sauce, garlic, eggs—what’s not to love about this brunch favorite?

Beauty Tips

There’s a direct connection between looking good and feeling good. I offer tips, tricks, and advice on face and body products such as soaps, cleansers, face masks, and more.

Sunscreen in the winter?

While it may sound crazy, it’s actually very important to wear sunscreen during the winter months. The risk of sun-damage should be a year-round concern.

7 homemade face masks that work

Bananas, apple cider vinegar, milk, yogurt—who knew there were so many at-home options for face masks.

Don’t neglect your elbows!

Our elbows take a brutal beating day in and day out, so don’t forget to give them a little love. Elbows can be especially susceptible to dryness during the winter months.

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