Preparing Your House for In-Home Hospice Care in Los Angeles

Most people are uncomfortable staying away from their families, especially when it’s time to say their final goodbyes. For this reason, most palliative care patients prefer in-house hospice care in Los Angeles. It helps them stay close to their loved ones and despite their illness, be a part of their lives as long as possible.

Staying at home invokes a sense of comfort and familiarity that a hospice care facility cannot provide. However, a patient cannot stay at home without proper preparations.

There are a number of things to take care of before a person with a terminal illness can stay at home for end-of-life care. At Hospice Home Care, we help you figure out everything you need to make your loved one’s stay at home as comfortable as possible. The following are the most important things to prepare for in-house hospice care in Los Angeles:

Preparations for Caregiver

You do not have to turn your house into a hospital room, but you need the place to be a safe environment for the patient and their caregiver. Make the house accessible for both of them.

Keep the Bed in a Suitable Place

The bed should be situated in a way that makes accessing the restroom easier. Choose a hospital bed and rails if the patient has difficulty getting up.

Make the House Comfortable for the Patient

Keeping the house clean and tidy is important to ensure comfort for the patient. There should be no incidents leading to agitation or loss of control.

Take Care of the Temperature, Lighting, and Sound

The temperature of the patient’s room must be comfortable for them, so should be the sound, smells, and lighting. It should be harsh or too light to make them think they are in a hospital. You’ll have to maintain a sense of normalcy.

These in-house hospice care tips can help you create a normal household environment where your loved one can stay comfortable.