Movies to Initiate Conversations about Hospice Care in Los Angeles

People are becoming aware of the importance of hospice and palliative care in Los Angeles. Still, it’s a difficult topic to tackle for many, and for that reason, hospice Los Angeles suggest that movies can be helpful. The world of entertainment has always had a critical impact on our society. How we experience life and what we learn from our surroundings has a lot to do with the lessons we learn from films.

If you want to initiate your end-of-life or hospice conversation with a significant other, parent, or child, here are some productions that can help:

End Game – 2018 Documentary

End-of-life care is complicated and difficult for patients and their loved ones. End Game is a short documentary that captures this concept beautifully. It also shows how a hospice care team can help you and your family navigate the experience.

Coco – 2017 Animated Film

Disney Pixar brings us Coco, which makes us question our existence and experience with death. If you have to talk to a family member about hospice care, let this positive movie warm you up before you talk about family and grief.

My Sister’s Keeper – 2009 Drama

The story is a heart-wrenching tale of a child who was conceived to become a marrow donor for her older sister. The young girl takes legal action to hold her parents responsible for their decision. It’s a fictional story that will show you the real side of how an illness can rip a family apart.

Extremis – 2016 Documentary

Extremis takes a unique perspective of a physician to show how end-of-life care affects families, patients, and medical professionals. It presents how medical teams interact with one another and patients' families.

Defining Hope – 2017 Documentary

The film is about end-of-life care in its current state. It serves as a reminder that hospice experience and end-of-life is different for everyone.