Los Angeles Palliative Care – How Palliative Care Can Help with Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

People are sometimes misled to believe that palliative care is only for those who are at the last stage of their life, but it is not restricted to such individuals. Anyone in Los Angeles suffering from a life-limiting illness can seek palliative care to improve their quality of life and spend the rest of their days relieving their distress and discomfort. Patients with Alzheimer’s or other memory-affecting diseases need palliative care more than anything!

Some families only send their loved ones with Alzheimer’s to a palliative care facility when they have completely lost them (spiritually and mentally). Still, you can get palliative care help long before that happens.

You can prepare yourself in advance to ensure your loved one stays with the people they love for as long as possible and still get the best palliative care in Los Angeles.

How Does Palliative Care in Los Angeles Help Alzheimer’s Patients?

Unlike other life-threatening diseases, Alzheimer’s hospice patients need a more specific type of care. They slowly lose the connection with everyday life and soon become unable to eat, drink, or relieve themselves. Eventually, the body shuts down, and they are at the mercy of others to help them with everyday life.

If the family members cannot help their loved one with Alzheimer’s, they can opt for palliative care to share the burden. Here’s how palliative care helps such patients:

●        Helping them with pain and symptom management.

●        Supporting the patient and their family members.

●        Explaining the treatment plans to patients and their families.

●        Reducing their hospital visits.

●        Focusing on the patient's mind, soul, and body.

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We have specialists, volunteers, and nurses available 24x7 to help patients with their daily chores, including eating, drinking, and getting regular exercise. Let the palliative care experts at HospiceHomeCare.org care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s.