Hospice: Los Angeles Palliative Care – Courses for Medical Students Interested in Palliative Care

Misconceptions continue to cloud the image of palliative care as a service reserved for terminally ill patients. Many medical students steer clear of this field because of the perception associated with it. Still, there’s a high demand for palliative care specialists in Los Angeles, and students should consider it a career because of the many benefits.

Not only do they get to experience the effects of a terminal illness on a hospice patient, but they also get to interact with their families and learn more about their past health conditions. Palliative care in Los Angeles also provides opportunities for medical students to specialize in a fast-growing medical field.

Palliative Care Courses for Medical Students

A medical student can start with a certificate or foundation course to understand what palliative care is all about. Many schools in the US offer Palliative Care Certificate courses that can advance the understanding of a student about hospice and palliative care.

Some of the best institutions and their palliative care courses are listed below:

Stanford University

        Palliative Care Always

●        Palliative Care Center of Excellence

Harvard Palliative Care Courses

●        Palliative Care Education and Practice (PCEP)

        Art & Science of Palliative Nursing (ASPN)

●        Palliative Care for Hospitalists and Intensivists (PCFHI)

●        Practical Aspects of Palliative Care (PAPC)

●        Research Methods in Supportive Oncology (RMSO)

Arizona State University

●        Hospice and Palliative Care (Certificate)

●        Palliative Care ECHO

Penn Nursing – University of Pennsylvania

●        Palliative Care Certificate

UCLA Health

●        Pain and Palliative Care Fellowship

These are just some courses, certificates, research programs, and fellowships in the US for palliative care. You can look for more institutes or check out online resources with certifications.