Hospice Care Los Angeles – Who Are Hospice Aides?

Hospice care in Los Angeles brings a significant change in a person’s life. Whether they are the palliative care patient or the family of the patient, hospice care helps them transform in a profound way. The only way hospice care makes a difference in people’s lives is through the hands-on support of hospice aides.

Hospice aides are the people who are employed by a hospice in Los Angeles to offer relief and support to patients and families. They help with medication, daily tasks, and emotional support that keeps families going even after they’ve lost their loved one. 

What Are the Qualifications of a Hospice Aide?

A hospice aide needs to be qualified to take care of a patient emotionally and physically. These qualifications are medical to some extent, but most require the courage to handle end-of-life care: Most common and required qualifications of a hospice aide are as follows:

·         Certified Nursing Assistant credentials (CNA).

·         Willing to work on a flexible schedule.

·         Have an empathetic and compassionate personality.

·         Ability to carry out instructions.

·         Effective communication skills.

·         Driver’s license.

What Are the Duties of a Hospice Aide?

Hospice aides are responsible for taking care of the patients regardless of their medical condition. They have to be qualified and trained to do the following:

·         Provide wound care.

·         Help with daily tasks, such as dressing and bathing.

·         Personal care tasks, such as nails, skin, hair, and oral hygiene.

·         Keeping track of medical bills.

·         Meal preparation if required.

·         Light housekeeping if required.

·         Spending time with the patient and their family.

Hospice aides are part of a hospice care team, and they remain in personal contact with the patients and their families. They are the faces that people recognize during their stay in the hospice. The best thing about hospice aides is that they are willing to help people improve their quality of life.