Hospice Care Los Angeles – Organization Tips for Caregivers

Family caregivers play a critical role in caring for their terminally ill loved ones. Although caregiving can be rewarding, it can also get overwhelming and draining, especially if you are not well-organized. Caregivers must manage and stay on top of financial paperwork, medications, doctor’s appointments, and other medical therapy sessions. Therefore, organization is key to making the job easier for the caregiver and the patient.

Tips for Becoming an Organized Hospice Care Caregiver

Buy Necessary Organization Items

Getting organized can seem daunting when you have a lot of paperwork. Purchase an accordion folder, a wall calendar, a small notebook, and a three-ring binder to keep your paperwork and appointment date organized.

Organize Paperwork

Gather all your loved one’s paperwork in a single place to begin sorting. You will have to file away medication lists, progress reports, doctor’s contact information, directives, insurance paperwork, etc., according to different labels. As new paperwork comes in, ensure to place it in the right section.

Keep Copies of Important Documents

Create a copy of the most crucial paperwork you need for different appointments and add it to the three-ring binder. You can include copies of the most recent medication list, contact information for the patient’s doctors and hospice team, and the patient’s insurance card.

Track Appointments

Although you have a calendar on your phone, it is best to have everything noted down and in plain sight with a wall calendar. You can also make quick edits to it if there is a rescheduling. The patient can also view their appointments clearly that way and have a sense of involvement in their own care.

Plan for Future Needs

As the palliative care patient’s primary caregiver, you may have to make plans for them in case they need emergency or additional care at some point. Research their symptoms and ask the patient’s doctor questions regarding how to handle emergencies so you can provide them with the right type of help in a crisis.