Hospice Care Los Angeles – How You Can Honor Patients’ Wishes

When doctors confirm the most-feared prognosis for a patient, the latter tends to lose hope in their treatment. Some prefer to continue the treatment to honor their family’s wishes. Still, most want to have their own wishes fulfilled before life is over. And that is the reason why people with life-limiting illnesses opt for end-of-life care.

End-of-life care, or Hospice care in Los Angeles, ensures that a person’s wishes are honored and fulfilled to improve their quality of life. Even if the wish changes during the course of their illness, it’s the responsibility of hospice care professionals to ensure the patients and their families get to fulfill their wishes.

Doctors often have a hard time accepting a patient’s wish, especially if it goes against the treatment, but hospice and palliative care makes sure not to go against the patient’s wishes and see to their happiness.

How to Honor a Patient’s Wishes

The first step is to identify what the patient’s wish is and accept it for what it is. Some people are afraid of sharing their wishes even during end-of-life care. It’s the responsibility of hospice in Los Angeles to help them live a good life and not worry about the world.

One of the most common wishes of patients with a terminal illness is to spend more time with their family but with dignity. They don’t want their loved ones to remember them in a hurtful way. While hospitals are unable to fulfill this wish, hospice can. Hospice makes sure that patients and their family members are together until the end to go through the process with

dignity and acceptance after the passing.

Hospice also helps patients fulfil their spiritual wishes by providing counselling services to help them unburden themselves. It does not matter what a patient’s wishes are as long as hospice care providers are willing to honour them.