Hospice Care Los Angeles – How to Hold a Family Meeting Before Beginning Hospice Care

Holding a meeting before starting hospice care in Los Angeles is crucial to ensure the patient, their family, and the hospice care team are all on the same page. Sometimes families are not on board with letting their loved one begin hospice and palliative care, but it’s important to help them understand why it’s the best decision for the patient with a terminal illness.

When Is the Right Time to Hold a Hospice Care Family Meeting?

Every patient’s situation is different, so there’s no specific right time for everyone. However, you can determine your own right time for holding a family meeting for hospice care in Los Angeles based on the following:

●        There’s been a change in the patient’s prognosis.

●        Family needs to readjust care goals for the patient.

●        The patient has been in hospice care multiple times.

●        Patient or a family member is getting anxious with time.

●        Family is concerned about caregiving.

How to Hold a Family Meeting

Family meetings for hospice care should start with designating a spokesperson who can relay all the information to family members who are present and not present during the meeting. Family members who are there will be better equipped to make an informed decision for the patient.

Both sides of the meeting should come prepared with their required documents and recommendations. The healthcare team can review the patient’s file and recommend if hospice care is right for them. Families can decide after understanding the healthcare wishes of their loved ones.

It’s also important to ask as many questions about hospice care and its benefits for the patient before making a decision. Families need to understand what they are getting into and how hospice will help them take better care of their loved one. Once the meeting is over, the family members can review the care plan devised during the meeting and make a final decision that also honors the patient’s wishes.