Hospice Care Los Angeles – How to Give a Bed Bath to a Senior

Hospice care patients need bed baths only when they are unable to take showers or baths on their own. Those who can’t move at all need bed baths, also known as sponge baths. Hospice Los Angeles caregivers can help people, especially seniors, get a bed bath on a weekly or biweekly basis. Palliative care caregivers in Los Angeles do not need special training, but practice can help them provide a proper bed bath without getting the sheets wet.

How to Prepare for Bed Bath for Seniors in Hospice?

For hospice care in Los Angeles, you need the following material for a bed bath:

·         Two wash basins – one for rinsing and one for soap water.

·         A bar of soap.

·         Washcloths or bath sponges – as many as you need.

·         Body lotion.

·         No-rinse shampoo.

·         Towels.

·         Waterproof sheet or mat.

·         Table or stand to put the materials.

Before you start the bath, check for redness or sores on the person’s skin. As soon as you are sure there’s nothing to worry about, follow these steps:

·         Fill two basins with water, preferably warm.

·         Wash your hands and dry them. Put on gloves and undress the person. Only remove clothing from the area you’ll be washing.

·         Wash as much as you can, and then put the clothes back on.

·         Start with the clean areas of the body. Finish the bed bath with the least clean areas.

·         Make sure to use the washcloth once in a particular area. Turn the washcloth to use a clean part for the next area. Opt for a new washcloth if you need it.

·         Make sure to clean their eyelids, face, ears, neck, arms, hands, belly button, chest, legs, feet, and toes.

·         Remove gloves. Change the water and wash the hair. Rinse the hair clean with warm water.

·         Apply unscented body lotion once you’re done with the bath.

·         Put the supplies away and wash your hands.