Hospice Care Los Angeles – How to Cope with Holiday Loneliness

When family or friends are not around to help you spend holidays with laughter and happy memories, depression can take over and make you feel lonely. The holiday season is meant for cheer and celebration, but not everyone has their loved ones around to feel a sense of contentment.

If you are dealing with holiday loneliness in hospice, you should not isolate yourself from the joy of the season. Let go of the feelings of grief and express yourself because hospice is all about improving the quality of life and living without regrets.

Ways to Cope with Holiday Loneliness

Here are some ways to deal with holiday loneliness and relieve the stress to enjoy the festive season:

Have Realistic Expectations

Hospice can limit physical interactions with the outside world, which can make a person feel lonely. If you are feeling the holiday loneliness because you can’t attend certain festivities with your family or friends, find other ways to do so without losing hope or putting your health in danger.

Celebrate On Your Own

Holidays do not get canceled just because you are alone. Have a private celebration and invite people who are already around you. If there’s no one to go out with you during the holidays, watch a holiday movie, chat with your loved ones over a

video call or write letters to the people you haven’t talked to in a while.

Find Another Person Like You

Hospice care in Los Angeles brings many different people together under one roof or hospice care team. You can’t be the only person who is unable to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Find another who is in a similar situation and invite them to spend time with you during the holidays. Do not let the feelings of loneliness take away your chance to create new memories over the holidays!