Hospice Care Los Angeles – How to Care for Stroke Patients and Prevent a Second Stroke

Stroke patients are at risk of a second stroke if they do not take preventive measures to ensure they do not suffer another life-threatening incident. At hospice care in Los Angeles, it becomes the responsibility of the professional caregivers to ensure the patients steer clear of all the habits that can lead to a second stroke.

How to Care for a Stroke Patient in Hospice Care

Dealing with pain and symptom management is part of hospice care services in Los Angeles, so when a stroke patient suffers from a stroke, hospice caregivers need to ensure that they alleviate suffering for the patient.

The first step would be to help them manage pain and ensure they do not suffer from the side effects. It becomes part of the treatment to relieve pain and maintain comfort for them. Hospice caregivers must also provide emotional support to help the patients deal with the psychological trauma of the stroke.

How to Prevent a Second Stroke

The palliative care team at hospice care takes certain measures to prevent a second stroke in a patient. Following are some of the ways that have proven effective:

·         Make sure that the patients are taking their medication on time. Even if they feel better, they should continue to take the medication unless the doctor advises otherwise.

·         A healthy diet is vital to get the body back on track. A diet approved by the doctor should help a stroke patient increase strength and avoid a second stroke.

·         Patients should also get the mental and emotional support they need to deal with depression after a stroke. Occupational therapy also helps those who have difficulties with cognitive abilities afterward.

·         Hospice caregivers must note all the changes in a patient’s behavior to look for warning signs that can lead to a second stroke.