Hospice Care Los Angeles – Diet and Nutrition Tips for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients must deal with taste changes and pain and symptom management. Their hospice care in Los Angeles can be different from other patients in hospice Los Angeles because they need a special diet and nutritional care. They have to be careful with what they eat because the change in taste and odor can prevent them from eating many things.

If you have someone in your life suffering from cancer and experiencing a change of taste, here are some useful tips to help them eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

They Should Eat High-Calorie Foods

Eggs, milk, cheese, cream, sauces, gravies, butter, and oil are some of the high-calorie and high-protein foods. They can help cancer patients in palliative care increase energy and prevent themselves from losing weight too quickly.

They Should Have Cold Foods

Some good ideas are cold salads, yogurt or milkshakes. Having sensitive olfactory receptors is also possible for cancer patients in hospice care. They can’t tolerate certain food odors, which also affects their taste. Make sure to offer cold foods or meals at room temperature. Also, limit the smells with fans, lids, or windows.

They Should Replace Meat

When taste changes for cancer patients, it can taste like metal. If your patient experiences it, make sure to give them poultry, fish, or beans instead of red meat. Those who love meat can have it with sauces and spices to improve its flavor.

They Should Have More Spices

The lack of flavor is another thing cancer patients experience. They can add more spices and sauces to their food to improve the taste. Some things that can add flavor include onion, garlic, spices, herbs, peppers, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, etc.

They Should Have Savory Foods

If a cancer patient feels their food tastes sweet, they should add lemon or salt to their meals to counter the sweetness. They can have peanut butter, deviled eggs, cheese and crackers, or pretzels with dip.