Hospice Care Los Angeles – Body Positivity for Cancer Patients

Cancer treatment changes the way a person looks and performs. The changes can occur gradually and make a person feel insecure about their body and appearance. Even if the people around the cancer patients are supportive, they can still feel upset about the changes, hospice Los Angeles can help you and your loved one adjust to the changes.

Common Changes After Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients in treatment who choose hospice in Los Angeles can feel insecure around people because of the

·          Scars

·         Hair loss

·         Weight loss

·         Muscle weakness

·         Skin sensitivity

·         Problems with balance. 

Tips for Body Positivity for Cancer Patients

If you have a friend or family member in palliative care or hospice care in Los Angeles going through these changes, you should help them cope using the following methods:

Encourage Them to Let Themselves Adjust

A cancer patient needs encouragement to know that time will give them the patience they need to accept their new body and the changes that mark it. Some scars may never go away, and the patients need time to mourn the body they’ve lost. It might get better, but it will never be the same, and that thought needs encouragement.

Suggest Support Groups

When cancer patients in hospice are unable to cope with the changes, you should ask them to seek other people going through the same changes. Talking about it with other cancer patients who understand the situation can help them a lot. They can also seek help from a professional who can talk to them one-on-one in a safe space.

Share the Alternatives

Talk to them about remaining positive and strong because the physical changes are battle scars. Some of them may not go away in the cancer patient’s new physical appearance but make sure to tell them that there are alternatives to things like hair loss or losing a breast to cancer. Prosthetics can help, and reconstructive surgeries are always an option once they are done fighting cancer.