Hospice Care Los Angeles – Bereavement Resources for People Who Have Recently Lost a Loved One

After the death of a loved one, grief and mourning can change how you look at life. It’s a painful experience that’s different for everyone. Some experience it in waves of anger and depression, while others go through numbness for a long period. Hospice Los Angeles caregivers prepare families for the loss of a loved one by introducing bereavement resources.

Whether you’ve lost a partner, child, parent, or friend, you can grieve and mourn with the help of hospice, palliative care professionals who can provide the support you need. Here are the most common bereavement services offered by a hospice in Los Angeles:

Free Grief Counselling

Hospice providers prepare families for the loss before it happens. They counsel the family members by providing compassionate support and free grief counseling. The sessions help families express their feelings about the death of a loved one and process the emotions after that devastating experience.

Hospice Support Groups

Every hospice offers support groups in one form or the other. The idea is to show compassion and help people see that they are not alone during their mourning period. Some support groups focus only on the loss of a parent or a child or a partner. Others bring every mourning soul together in one support group session.

Spiritual Counselling

The psychological effects of losing someone are addressed with grief counseling, but sometimes people of faith can feel disconnected or lost for a short period. They need spiritual guidance to help them find their way back to their beliefs about life and death. Hospice care offers the services of a priest, rabbi, and other religious leaders to help people cope with the loss.

Professional Counsellors

When people are unable to cope with the loss spiritually and emotionally, hospice recommends professional counseling from licensed psychologists. It helps them work through the troubling issues without rushing through the grieving process.