Hospice Care Internships in Los Angeles to Help You Learn about the Field

Hospice Care Nursing Intern

As a palliative care , hospice nursing intern, you will be able to develop your skills and understand different aspects of end-of-life care. Student nurses can partner with hospice care nursing mentors who provide care to hospice patients. You can meet the patients and their families and understand what goes on in an interdisciplinary hospice care meeting. When you intern for a hospice care facility, you can easily observe and understand the crucial role each team plays in a patient’s care.

Social Work Intern

Students who are working towards a social work degree can also intern at a hospice care facility. They can shadow current social workers as they work with hospice care patients and their families. If you are a social work student, you can join your mentor in an interdisciplinary hospice care meeting and shadow other hospice disciplines to understand the workings of a hospice care facility. Students pursuing a Bachelor’s in social work can provide companionship to patients and give their families a break from caregiving for a while.

Internships for Other Students

Students with study majors other than nursing or social work can also intern at a hospice care facility in different capacities. Liberal arts students can intern at the hospice facility to meet with the patients and their families to provide companionship and document different aspects of their lives. Other students can work with the staff to plan fun events for hospice patients or gain experience in different business-related departments, such as accounting, medical records, human resources, customer support, etc., for college credit.