Difference between Hospice Care and Nursing Home in Los Angeles

Not all older adults start showing signs of declining health after a certain age. Some have physical or mental illnesses that affect them early on, while others stay healthy in their eighties and nineties. Still, it becomes crucial after a specific point to figure out the best care route for a senior. Some people prefer hospice and or palliative care, while others like nursing homes like hospice Los Angeles.

Although both of them provide care with compassion, it’s important to understand that the two care facilities are fundamentally different.

Difference between Hospice Care and Nursing Homes

In Los Angeles, nursing homes are for those older adults who’ve stayed at home under care for a while or lived at an assisted living facility. Nursing homes become an option for such people after suffering a bad fall or an unfortunate accident.

Hospice care is for people with terminal illnesses. If a senior is diagnosed with an illness about to end their life in six months or less, they can move to hospice care or get the same care at a nursing home.

Seniors in a nursing home in Los Angeles need help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, or moving around. The aides must be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help the residents.

On the other hand, hospice care intentionally provides pain and symptom management. It helps a person ease their suffering during the final few months of their life. The services at hospice care in Los Angeles may include end-of-life care, spiritual care, doctor service, inpatient care, respite care, etc.

If you have an older adult with a terminal illness at home, they need to consider hospice care over a nursing home. You can get hospice care at home or admit them to a nursing home to get the required end-of-life care.