Arts and Crafts Activities for Seniors at Hospice Care Los Angeles

Hospice and palliative care facilities in Los Angeles have to come up with exciting ways to keep their seniors mentally and physically active. Some encourage daily walks and social downtime to keep their cognitive skills engaged, but incorporating arts and crafts into older adults’ lives can also provide significant benefits.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts Activities in Hospice Care

The most important advantage of having arts and crafts activities for seniors is they get to enjoy themselves and feel creative. After a certain age, cognitive functions can slow down a person, and this can lead to depression in some older adults. They can lose hope in doing things on their own.

Being creative with arts and crafts activities helps them see that they can think and create something new on their own. It helps them improve their self-esteem and enhance their sense of competence. It also prevents the onset of emotional illnesses.

Moreover, using their hands helps them get light exercise on a regular basis with creative tasks like painting and pottery. It keeps them returning or getting in the habit of using their arms and fingers to hold stuff and maneuverer them to create art.

Seniors who can’t move their hands much can indulge in arts and crafts projects that do not require physical exertion.

Activities for Seniors

Following are some activities for seniors in hospice care in Los Angeles:

●        They can arrange flowers inside with other seniors or spend time outside in the garden with a volunteer to plant new flowers.

●        They can make colourful clothespins and attach them to racks or baskets on their own. 

●        They can participate in creative writing, drawing, or painting class.

●        They can also indulge in some dance or drama classes to entertain others.

●        Those with dementia can play with homemade play dough to make shapes and model clay for fun.