3 Thoughtful Ways to Support a Loved One in Palliative Care in Los Angeles

When a close friend or family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, we often feel helpless and unable to do much to help them. Often, people struggle to communicate with patients and wonder how to offer them support or encouragement.

To help you show your friend or family member that you are with them, no matter what the circumstances may be, we have listed a few tips below that might help:

Ways You Can Show Support to a Loved One in Palliative Care

Take Them Out on a Pleasurable Trip (Considering Their Health Limitations)

Hospice patients in palliative care often stay indoors with hospital staff, family members, and close friends. It can be a great offer when someone asks them to go outside on a trip to the park or suggests visiting their favorite spot in the city.

Offer Help with Housekeeping and Children

Parents and older adults are often unable to cope with their disease and manage their responsibilities at the same time. It is best to offer support to your loved one by offering to do light housekeeping of their house, do the laundry, and take care of their children when they are busy with doctor’s appointments and other medical engagements.

Bring a Positive Attitude and Communicate as You Always Have

Terminally or chronically ill patients often have a lot on their plate while managing their own emotional stresses and their disease’s physical symptoms. When a friend they’ve known for a long time meets them with a cheery smile on their face, it can help them relax and forget about their worries, even if for a short while.