3 Things About In-Home Hospice Care in Los Angeles Patients Should Know About

People with life-limiting illnesses often prefer staying home for their final days. They are scared of moving to a facility and missing quality time to spend with their family. While deciding to stay at home for hospice in Los Angeles is easier, the task is quite challenging. To find the best hospice provider in LA google hospice Los Angeles and you will find a list of credible providers.

A family caregiver has to take on the responsibility of doing it all on their own, or at least that’s what most people think about in-home palliative care. The truth is that you are never alone in hospice care, no matter where it takes place.

The hospice care team is always there to help you out before you start hospice at home in Los Angeles. Here are a few

things you must know about hospice at home:

Medical Insurance and Medicare Benefits

Hospice can be covered by medical insurance, and most medical equipment is part of it. You do not need to worry about additional expenses because you’re doing hospice at home. Medicare will cover the equipment cost of things like a walker, hospital bed, wheelchair, oxygen equipment, shower chair, and bedside commode.

Patient’s Comfort and Entertainment

You can talk to a hospice care professional to learn about a comfortable in-house setup for the patient. They need privacy, so a screen or curtain is helpful. You should also ask about sound, temperature, and light. Also, note down everything you’ll need to prepare for the patient in advance to prevent them from getting up every few hours. Things like books, television, snacks, and drinks should be close by.

Patients’ and Caregivers’ Safety

Safety is a crucial matter when it comes to in-home hospice care. You have to remove rugs to avoid tripping hazards, install non-slip bath mats for the patients and caregivers, and get nightlights for the hallways and restrooms. Make sure the medical equipment is not in the way of anyone in case of emergencies.