3 Special Ways You Can Make a friend in Los Angeles Pallative

Many young adults and teenagers struggle to think of ways they can show support to their friend when they are seriously sick or in palliative care. Even though buying them a card, sending them funny memes, and talking to them are great ways to show support, on the days they feel very depressed, you can opt for the following tips to make them smile.

Ways to Cheer Up a Friend in Palliative Care

Decorate Their Room

Many hospice patients in palliative care don’t get much change of scenery. They may spend most of their time in a hospital or facility being treated for their illness. To cheer them up and make them feel at home, it can be a great idea to decorate their room and break the monotony. You can place picture frames and decorations in the room to make them feel at home and let them know how much you care.

Plan a Special Outing Day

Many palliative care patients are able to do a lot despite undergoing treatments. Plan a special outing with your closest friends and take them to a favourite place they haven’t been to in a while. If they cannot go out, bring the outing to them and plan a fun movie night or date night idea they would enjoy.

Focus on Self-Care

Many palliative care patients struggle to focus on themselves and their appearance when they are bogged down with their illnesses and treatments. Take your friend out to the salon to get their hair cut, nails painted, or makeup done, and they may greatly appreciate you for the gesture. If the patient is at home, you can try refreshing their bedding, decluttering the bedside area, and doing light housekeeping to make them feel more comfortable